Tuesday, September 8, 2009

If I died today some things that become more obviously true:

I am very weak and God is very strong. He never dies. I will certainly die and I have no idea when.

He is holy and I am not – Instantly from whatever I happened to be doing I would be moved into His holy presence where I would be dumbstruck and jabbering. My unworthiness will overwhelm me and I will become instantly aware of my impossible-to-express-how-great need for righteousness outside of myself.

Life is very short and I wasted a lot of it. Oh on that day I will certainly have regrets. God please give more grace to live each day with less and less regret.

A lot of things that presently have my attention will instantly not have any, my bank account, team standings, my weight, the next good movie to see. None of these things are evil, they simply will move to zero on the importance scale.

A lot of things that have some measure of my attention will suddenly rocket up in importance though my ability to act in any way regarding them will have ended. My own situation with God will have been fixed. I will be unable to pray for or speak to anyone whom I love regarding their salvation or my concern for them.

If I died today, would I be ready? No, not in many ways. Oh Father give grace that I might live today and this week and this year that I might be more ready for my last day than I am today. Help me to live with the end in sight and to know that I am Christ's and He is mine!